Alaskan Dog Sled Tours

Enjoy a Dog Sledding Adventure with Frisky Pups

Dog Sled Tours with
Frisky Pups 


We offer exciting and scenic dog sled tours in the heart of dog sledding country on Chena Hot Springs Road near Fairbanks, Alaska. The dog sled ride through spruce and birch forests takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, but plan on about two hours for the entire dog mushing experience.

First, we help dress you in our selection of winter clothes and boots so that you can stay comfortable on the dog sled tour. Then you get to watch or participate as we harness the dogs to get ready for the run. There will be lots of time to take photos before, during, and after the run.  It’s not a flat ride, as the trail rolls up and down through the boreal forest and across frozen ponds.  We stop half-way through our dog sled tours and let you get out to stretch and take photos. You will have the opportunity to ride on the runners with the guide for a bit of the ride.

Dog Sled Tour

Two Hour Experience with Sled Dogs on Forested  Alaskan Trails

This is the only ride we offer and it’s basically a “mushing school”. Compare our price with other companies offering a mushing school.

We give 1 or 2 private rides per day and can only accommodate 2 guests per ride.

You’ll have the chance to ride on the runners on the back of the sled.

$170 per person for 2 people

Maximum weight for 2 people combined is 350 pounds 

$250 for 1 person

Not recommended for people with back problems or pregnant women

10% Active Military, Educator,EMS

Cancellation Policy: A 50% deposit is due to book. A full refund will be issued on cancellations made more than two weeks prior to tour. No refunds will be issued on cancellations made within 24 hours of the originally scheduled tour. Tour date/ time may be changed at any time free of charge provided space is available.